Consulting Team Members

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SFT’s Consulting Team

SFT has assembled a team of consultants that bring a full set of expertise, collaboration skills, and experience in the current health care environment.  The team members are executives, leaders, and area experts who understand the unique issues that health care faces in moving toward clinical integration, improved outcomes, and population health.  Yet, they also understand that those changes can’t be made without building the data exchange and technology infrastructure to support the drivers of transformation.  They have experience in managing the gap between strategy and implementation, maintaining financial sustainability while shifting payment models, and obtaining clinical and technology alignment.  They work with groups to consider the migration paths for governance and organizational changes.

Camilla Hull Brown

Barbara K. Burke Ed.D.

John Burnley

Kathy Church BSN, PMP

Jeff Clancy

David Cook, M.D.

David Coren

Ed Daniels

Mary Anne Ford

Ed Koschka

James M. Krauk

Larry Ladd, DBA

Evelyn L. Lewis M.D., M.A., FAAFP

Jennifer Moore

Mark Norris

Phyllis A. Patrick

Denise Reeser

Alan D. Snell, M.D., M.M.M.

Linda Sovine, MPH

J. W. (Jim) Wheeler Ph.D.

Raul E. Zavaleta