Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Health Information Exchange

Initially, SFT got its start working with clinical groups in Indiana wanting to establish health information exchanges (HIE) to move clinical data across hospitals, doctors, and other providers to facilitate care coordination.

Since then, SFT has worked with dozens of HIEs across the country over the years. By their nature, HIEs are boundary crossing and have high value to health care transformation. Yet, they are tricky to plan and negotiate across participating entities, be they hospitals, physician practices, CMS, payers, and many others.

The tasks are daunting by the sheer scale of the effort and the realization that no one team, organization or network can make these changes alone.  It calls for cross-team, cross-organization, and cross-regional change. SFT lives in this space.

Success is founded on creating a compelling vision that creates value to participants and a multi-year road map to address the complex components of health care while creating a simple, yet profound, approach to planning across boundaries. SFT has worked many years with health care, related human services, and public health. Its consulting team understand the interplay of service providers, consumers and payers and how they engage with non-profits, the private sector, and government.