SFT Services

How do we solve care coordination at this level?

How do we solve care coordination at this level?

 SFT Services

The SFT Team offers a full range of planning and support services and expertise to groups and collaborations crossing traditional boundaries to achieve bigger visions and real results.

Services – Health Care Transformation Initiatives and HIEs

A.  Basic Success Packages
B.  Tailored Planning and Implementation Projects
C.  HIE or Multi-Stakeholder Technology Plan
D.  Interim Executives
E.  Alignment of Plans with Other Initiatives

A.  Basic Success Packages

These SFT services are intended to jump-start initiatives that are already on the path to planning or implementation, but must move quickly to achieve critical milestones. Key steps of the Business Success Package include the following:

  • Business Readiness Assessment – identify gaps in what needs to happen in the next 24 months.
  • Assessment of Immediate Next Steps – Identify what needs to happen in the next six months to meet obligations and expectations.
  • Business Plan Road Map – Develop a road map that summarizes what needs to happen in the next 6-24 months.

B.  Tailored Planning and Implementation Projects

 Some initiatives will require more detailed planning and implementation assistance. Frequently, initiatives are quite complex due to the number of stakeholders and roles. SFT can tailor projects to the unique needs of an initiative. Examples include:  facilitated planning sessions, market research, grant writing, financial planning, physician engagement and practice planning, board and staff development, organizational design, IT vendor selection process, privacy and security, and more.

C.  HIE or Multi-stakeholder Technology Plan

Multi-stakeholder joint planning requires an understanding of the business and technology strategies of each of the participants in order to develop a joint strategy. SFT consultants can help think through the issues.

The plan includes alignment of technology strategies and objectives with business plans.  Components also include requirements for data standards and exchange; applications; interoperability; server and data storage; desktop, laptop and mobile device; medical technologies monitoring and interface; security and privacy; data and communication security applications and devices.

D.  Interim Executive Management

Most health care transformation and HIE initiatives are operating under tight deadlines to meet funding or implementation requirements. Yet experienced leadership is in short supply.

SFT can provide experienced interim executive staff until leadership is hired and ready to assume duties. Key areas include interim roles (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO and Project Management), executive recruitment assistance, and training and mentoring of permanent executives.

E.  Alignment of Plans with Other Initiatives

 Government, private sectors, and grantors are creating new opportunities and challenges for Health Care Transformation and HIE Collaborations. Initiatives are increasingly implemented in the context of broader goals with new partners. The SFT team can help align current planning with other efforts. Examples include: Patient-centered medical homes, accountable health communities, population health, care management, medication reconciliation, error reduction, performance measures and pay-for-performance.

SFT often works with organization and initiatives driven by physicians, health systems, consumers, payers and HIEs.  Often initiatives are driven by grant opportunities or are in response to changes from DHHS, CMS, AHRQ, HRSA, HIPPA, MACRA, ACOS, and more.